Supporting the LGBTQ community in Mason County and beyond

In the summer of 2017, a group of LGBT people and allies got together to plan the first-ever pride rally in Ludington.  Because of the amazing community response, West Shore Pride Fest will be an annual event, and the support for the LGBTQ community will continue year-round.

The purpose of West Shore Pride is to build community, visibility, and equality for LGBTQ individuals in Mason County and the surrounding areas. We hope to achieve this through:

  • holding a LGBTQ pride event every June,
  • presenting to local businesses and organizations about LGBTQ cultural
    competency, and
  • hosting regular events for LGBTQ people to talk about issues that are
    important to them, and in doing so, provide them with resources and a sense
    of community.

We hope that you will join us in making Mason County and its neighbors welcoming to all!

Board members are elected every August.

Renee headshot
Renee Snodgrass, President (2017-2019)
Barb Cressy, Secretary (2017-2019)
Mike Fitch, Treasurer (2017-2019)
Lisa Hagerman Johnson, Board Member (2018-2019)



Board Meeting Minutes

2017-07-15 Meeting Notes

2017-08-09 Minutes

2017-8-19 Minutes

2017-9-2 Minutes

2017-10-05 Minutes

2017-11-14 Minutes

2018-01-31 Minutes

2018-02-28 Minutes

2018-03-28 Minutes

2018-04-18 Minutes